How to Check for Plagiarism and Why Bother?

The intellectual property laws are becoming treated more and more seriously. Today, you cannot reproduce someone’s ideas and thoughts without giving a proper reference: you will be accused of stealing the private intellectual property. Thus, you’d better list all the sources consulted and quoted. However, even in a case you have done everything right, you cannot be 100% sure that you have not forgotten to indicate one minor reference – and this might put all your work under the threat.

To avoid such a situation you should know how to check the paper for plagiarism. Nowadays, there are various free plagiarism checkers that take the text you have written and in a real-time mode compare it with all the content available on the Internet. In a few seconds, you will find out whether you have managed to produce original content or whether certain similarities have been detected and you have to reconsider your work.

A check for plagiarism is an important stage of preparation of any type of written content as plagiarism is perceived as a crime and might have a harmful impact on the reputation of the one accused of sharing unoriginal ideas. Students are the main group of risk when it comes to plagiarism: they have to generate quite a lot of written assignments. And, apparently, they cannot approach tutors or colleagues and ask them “Please, check my paper for plagiarism.” Hence, they have to find other solutions.

A free online plagiarism checker is an instrument they are looking for. Exploitation of a plagiarism detector guarantees that every word will be meticulously checked and in a case of any possible similarity a user will get a warning. Plagiarism software is convenient and useful not only from the perspective of students: free plagiarism checker for teachers allows to check on students` works and to make sure that no fraud takes place. Hence, with the help of online plagiarism checker students, their teachers, journalists, writers, copywriters and other professionals can make sure that they do not violate any laws and that their work is 100% original.

Choosing a Free Plagiarism Checker for Students

A free plagiarism checker for students is a simple, though highly efficient, solution that helps an author to relax: after pressing a few buttons and waiting for a few seconds the one knows for sure that the written assignment is entirely authentic and there is nothing to worry about.

However, to select the best free plagiarism checker the one has to know what to look for and has to follow a few simple recommendations:

Every plagiarism checker is a bit different from the other. Thus, you have to pay attention to features inherent to each program and decide if they are satisfactory and convenient. The main aspects to consider are word limitations and the speed: you do not want a tool that allows you to check up to 500 words at a time and that performs analysis slowly. Value your time!

Before using a free plagiarism checker you should find out how successfully it meets the promises given. Read reviews of former and current users – and you will get all the necessary details. In addition, if there is a buzz around a plagiarism tool you can be sure that its popularity has a certain background and the service deserves attention.

It is advisable to try the service you have selected before buying a paid subscription. You have to make sure you know what you are about to pay for and to make sure that all the characteristics and features of the checker satisfy you.

When you have limited the list of possible plagiarism checkers to a few options, test them. It is pretty easy to do: you just have to copy some content and create a document that will be checked by the service. In a case the detector is a good one, it will detect the copied parts and will provide you with the links to the websites where the identical material can be found.

Best Plagiarism Checker: Top-rated Market Offers

To simplify your search for a plagiarism checker free of charge, we have prepared our recommendations. We took into account the criteria mentioned above and composed our list of the best detectors that deserve your attention. You can find their main benefits listed below:


Without a doubt, it is the most reliable free plagiarism checker online. The accuracy of its work impresses: Grammarly successfully detects the unoriginal content disregarding its form and provides you with additional explanations. To try the abilities of the service you can use a free trial version for seven days and then make your final decision. Also, you should keep in mind that Grammarly is a multifunctional service as it does not only check your papers for plagiarism – it also proofreads your texts and indicates grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.


The service is capable of detecting not only the exact matches but also similarities that might look suspicious. Such an in-depth analysis is performed by Copyscape within seconds: if you work with a middle-sized text you get your result almost instantly. Copyscape is available in two versions – a free and a paid one. The latter imposes the limit of 2000 words per search.


This tool is mainly used at schools and universities for plagiarism check. As the subscription is pretty expensive the exploitation of the checker on an individual basis might be unreasonable. However, for an institution Turnitin seems to be a great solution: it is accurate in checking and convenient for examining of large volumes of papers.

Each of the services mentioned above can be treated as the best plagiarism checker. Hence, it depends on you which one to choose: take into account the price, the accuracy, and the expectations you have – and you will get the answer.

“Check My Paper for Plagiarism” Services: Tips and Hints

When you have chosen the service that suits your needs, the only thing to find out is how to check for plagiarism. The algorithm is pretty simple and you have to follow just a few basic rules:

  1. Check your work regularly. It does not matter if you consulted or quoted somebody’s work – you can accidentally use a cliché and for no reason be accused of plagiarism. But in a case you check all your works such an incident will never occur. Hence, make plagiarism checking be your habit.
  2. Keep the word limit. In a case you utilize a limited version or a checker available online, the size of the document you are allowed to check at a time might be restricted. In order not to leave the part of the document unchecked, you have to pay attention to the word count.
  3. Do not ignore the explanations. Avoiding plagiarism is a skill that can be practiced. Thus, when a service offers you explanations for the results do not be lazy and look through the comments provided. Next time you will know what kind of words or phrases you’d better avoid.

Plagiarism detectors are simple in exploitation but still effective tools that make you confident and relaxed. So, do not postpone this solution and start searching for the reliable plagiarism checking service today!