What Are Professional Proofreading Services?

When you hear “a professional proofreading service”, what comes to your mind? You might be confused as to come up with the definition you must be aware of what a proof reading is and what you should do to proof read your paper. If you are not a student and your work is not connected with writing anyhow, you might lack knowledge on the nature of proofreading. But, in fact, the answer is pretty simple: it is the process of looking through the text meticulously in order to detect and correct grammar mistakes, spelling inaccuracies, punctuation, and stylistic imperfections.

There are three options to proof read the text you have produced: you can do it on your own, you can hire a professional proofreader, or you can use an online proofreader. Reading the paper personally might be not the best idea as we tend to ignore our own mistakes and you might fail to improve your writing. The second options, namely – professional proofreading services, might be quite expensive, especially for students. But the last alternative – the free online proofreading services – seems to be the most reasonable choice when it comes to making your text more accurate.

Previously, we have explained all the features of a checker that focuses on grammar and spelling mistakes and now you know what to expect and what to look for. Now we will suggest you a few sophisticated solutions giving you wide range of proofreading opportunities. So, be attentive – we are going to find the best proofreading software!

Key Benefits of Exploiting the Online Proofreader

When using a reliable and high-quality service, eventually, you make your writing error-free, and, in addition, improve your language skills. Usually, the proofreading service provides you with comments and explanations for every mistake that you have made. If you are attentive enough you will take these corrections into account and next time you will not make the same mistake. Learning from your own experience is not the only benefit you get:

  • Grammar proofreading of your writing

Proofreading services use a wide range of English grammar rules to check your texts. Whenever the grammar solutions you used are not consistent with certain rules, the program suggests you alternatives on how you should correct your sentences.

  • Spell checking and style consistency

Decent proofreading tools identify even the minor spelling mistakes, detect typos and misused words (e.g., homonyms). Hence, the service not only corrects your evident mistakes but also suggests you which words and phrases to substitute to make your style of writing more consistent.

  • Elimination of repetitions

A text overloaded with the words repeated over and over again seems insipid and boring. Therefore, the program offers you to replace some words with synonyms and, in such a way, to enrich your writing and make it more reader-friendly.

  • Plagiarism checking

This option is not inherent to all the proofreaders, though it is quite valuable and convenient tool. If online proofreading service provides you with plagiarism checking you can not only detect all the language mistakes you might have made but also check the originality of your content.

Why Do You Need the Essay Proofreader?

Probably, there is not a single student who had never had such Google requests as “proofread my essay” or “proofread my paper”. With the launch of free proofreading services, the life of scholars became easier: from now on, they can check their essay, resume or dissertation in a few clicks. When you use proofreader online you know that your work is checked in-depth and you can relax: you will not a get a low mark due to language inaccuracies. Give it a try – and you will never underestimate essay proofreader again!

Not only students but also their teachers are active in utilizing the proofreading software. Having the duty to check large volumes of written assignments teachers prefer to take advantage of the services and perform proofreading online rather than to check all the papers personally.

Along with those involved in the education system, such professionals as writers, journalists, copywriters, businessmen proofread online regularly in order to maintain the accuracy of their language.

Free Online Proofreading: Top-rated Solutions

Previously, we have introduced you the most reliable and functional services that deal with grammar and spelling mistakes, detect punctuation inaccuracies, and identify plagiarism. In this article, we are trying to find software that provides all the necessary features simultaneously. Hence, we would like to provide you with the insight into the functionality of the best proofreading programs. So, here are the main players:


It is the multifunctional tool that focuses not only on the grammar proofreading but also checks spelling, corrects the punctuation, and detects the plagiarized content. The analysis of the grammar is performed on the basis of more than 250 grammar rules: even the tiniest inaccuracies are detected within seconds. In addition, when offering its suggestions Grammarly takes into account your own style. The program works on your PC as well as provides proofreading online directly in the browser.


Current service is rather a proofreading website: to check your potential mistakes you have to paste your text to the precise field on the website. Ginger is simple and convenient to use, it works fast and effectively. But it has two evident imperfections: the program does not allow you to work with long texts that exceed the word limits, and it provides no explanations for the corrections made. However, if you need to proofread online the rather short texts and to perform a quick check, Ginger is the perfect option you can choose.

Advisable if you need:


The software is perfect from the perspective of learning opportunities: it detects all the mistakes (mainly – the spelling ones) and makes you choose the option you perceive as the most suitable one in a precise case. Although it might seem a bit inconvenient and more time-consuming to proofread your texts with SpellCheckPlus, but in addition to accurate writing you also get an opportunity to learn from your own experience. However, in a comparison to two proofreaders mentioned above, the checker is a bit weaker in identifying grammar mistakes.

Advisable if you need:

Now you have an overall impression of the proofreading options available and you can make a justified decision. The only thing to be done is to determine your needs, requirements, and expectations – and you are ready to choose the perfect proofreader. Whatever your choice will be, your language skills will never be the same again. So, leave your doubts behind and improve your English now!