Do Not Underestimate a Free Grammar and Spell Check!

The neatness of one’s language is not less important than the neatness of one’s appearance. You have most probably noticed that it is quite unpleasant to talk to a person wearing dirty rags. So why should it be bearable to communicate with a person using misspelled words and ignoring basic rules of grammar and style? In both cases, the person is perceived as irritating and the first impression is hopelessly spoiled. It does not matter which rules exactly you violate: untidy language is treated as a sign of disrespect and ignorance. Therefore, you should be attentive to any form of communication in order not to ruin the own image.

Fortunately, modern technologies can rescue you: whenever you have certain doubts considering your language, use a spell checker. This is a service that can quickly and accurately check spelling in any piece of text and provide you with suggestions on how it is better to express your thoughts and how to avoid mistakes. Thus, spell checkers come in handy and enrich your language.

After a short research, you can find a lot of services providing spelling check online. However, it is advisable to select the one that does not focus exclusively on spelling correction but offers a conjoint solution, namely – a free spelling and grammar check. When utilizing such tool you will save a considerable amount of time on checking on dimensions of language accuracy separately.

In the following paragraphs, we indicate the core benefits of using a decent free spell and grammar check, provide you with hints on choosing a free spell checker, and suggest you to consider two spell check services that might be helpful and convenient.

The Advantages of Using a Free Spell and Grammar Check

As all the people are involved in some written interactions a high-quality spelling checker can be useful for everyone. But the profit gained from exploitation of spell check website varies depending on the main activities of a user. Thus, students, teachers, writers, copywriters, journalists, etc. are among those who need to use a spell checker on a regular basis. And a decent service provides them with numerous benefits partially listed below:

• No misspelled words

With the help of a free spell checker, you can get rid of all the spelling mistakes. In addition, your grammar and punctuation are also checked and you can be sure that your text is error-free and looks accurate. Thus, a good proofreader eliminates all your anxieties connected with language usage.

• Only relevant vocabulary used

It is pretty easy to confuse the synonyms and use the one that does not fit in the chosen style of writing. However, a decent spell checking tool is supposed to take your writing style into account and to provide you only with alternatives that do not discord with the style. Although it is common for spelling check services to make the difference between formal and informal style, some checkers can make in-depth analysis and suggest more relevant alternatives.

• No repetitions

For some people using synonyms might be a challenge due to a pretty limited vocabulary. But it is not a problem anymore as online spelling services know how to fix this issue. Whenever you feel like your text seems colourless and insipid, press “check my spelling” – and let the spell correction tool to do its job. In a few seconds, you will be provided with substitutes for the repeated words and after applying synonyms you will get an attractive and readable text.

• Rich vocabulary

Whenever you use spell check online, pay attention to the spelling mistakes detected and to the suggestions made by the service. Rather soon you will notice that you make fewer and fewer mistakes and that your language becomes considerably richer.

• Improved English language skills

Consulting with online spell check pushes you one step closer to the perfect English. If you are attentive and curious enough you will not miss a chance to learn by your own experience. Hence, a free grammar and spell check does not only simplify your life but also makes a long-term investment into your future language accuracy.

Choosing a Spelling Checker: Things to Consider

The benefits offered by free spell check services are appealing and there is no surprise that numerous professionals are looking forward to trying the tool. If you decided to find spell checker free of charge, you have to follow certain tips that will help you to make the right choice:

  1. Choose a multifunctional platform

    You’d better find a proofreader that provides you with “all-in-one” solutions: the perfect platform simultaneously checks your texts for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and style. Thus, you can save plenty of time.

  2. Give preference to online tools

    It might be pretty inconvenient if you have to type your messages or emails in a word processor to have spelling check performed. With the software that is compatible with your PC as well as with your browser, you will not need to switch between windows and waste your time: all the analysis will be done online.

  3. Do not ignore feedback

    Always pay attention to reviews. Former and current users of free online spell check services you are interested in will give all the necessary information on how successfully the proofreader performs its tasks.

The Best Spell Checker Available

After getting familiar with the services offering spell check free of charge, we have chosen two platforms that, in our perception, possess all the features necessary for the high-quality assistance. The proofreaders we have selected seem to be perfect for checking spelling and will definitely improve an accuracy of your English.


This software deals not only with spelling mistakes but also with grammar, punctuation, style, and even plagiarism. Although a free version of the checker is limited in functionality, even when exploiting the proofreader for free you get a full range of services. Grammarly is valued by users as its peculiar feature is unprecedented attention to the tiniest inaccuracies, mistakes, and typos. In addition, the service is serious about style issues: all the synonyms suggested are consistent with the context of the written piece and takes into account features of an author’s style. Also, Grammarly provides its users with extended explanations for each correction made. The proofreader is equally effective when utilized on the PC and online.


This proofreader is mainly used by students when they have to check their paper for basic mistakes. In general, SpellCheckPlus detects a wide range of errors and provides its users with reasonable explanations of corrections made. In addition, the creators of the tool are happy to cooperate with users and listen to their comments: the checker is improved according to the users’ suggestions. However, its free version is pretty limited in the functions available and might not be suitable for in-depth analysis of documents. At the same time, the full subscription is quite expensive.

Hopefully, our tips will help you to find the perfect spell checker. Make your choice now and you will see the result coming soon!